Elect John West

for Josephine County Commissioner in 2022

Our county can and should be better.  It’s time we get there!  Smaller government that works for, and serves the people is possible.  I believe in a Government that does the will of the People.  I would like to work for the people of Josephine County.

Issues I Support:

  • Protecting people’s personal property rights along with their constitutional rights
  • Listening to the people, and doing the will of the people
  • Less regulation to benefit the people of Josephine County
  • Fiscal responsibility & lower taxes
  • Getting back our O&C timber funding from the State
  • Not talking about problems, but actually fixing them
  • Controlling spending in government
  • Supporting our teachers’ ability to teach true academics, not governmental distortions
  • Finding the long term solution to sheriff funding
  • Supporting sheriff & law enforcement
  • Bring more jobs and industry to Josephine County
  • Reduce drug problem in our county
  • Keep the mayor and city council from taking over the commissioners office
  • Real solutions for fixing the illegal hemp and cannabis issue
  • Protecting people and their property from illegal grows

    We are in a time of action!  Let’s not kick the can down the road for the next generation to deal with.


    I’m simply asking for your vote!


    – John

    John West
    Josephine County
    Commission Candidate
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